Summer Reading Questions

I think that summer reading is an excellent way to encourage students to read in their free time.  It helps their brains to stay turned on and allows for a more gradual adjustment back into the school year.  Summer reading also makes students read different types of books.  This broadens their horizons and increases their overall knowledge about things they may not have chosen to learn about on their own.


The books I read this summer:

The Alchemist- the philosophical journey of a boy to realize his Personal Legend.

A Dog’s Purpose- the story of the reincarnation of a dog to fulfill his destiny, from the dog’s own perspective.

The Glass Castle- a memoir by a woman about her childhood with her impoverished and dysfunctional family.

The Notebook- the story of a man and a woman and their undying love and eternal devotion.

Wintergirls- a tragic, yet hopeful story about eating disorders.


I thought that The Alchemist was very interesting.  I loved how philosophical it was, and how it was very thought-provoking.  It made me wonder about my own Personal Legend and what it might be.  When the characters in the story would talk about omens, it had me begin to wonder that if you examine the little things in life as Santiago did, then would I start to notice these omens as well as he did?  While reading The Alchemist, I never wanted to stop, because the suspense of the story made me want to find out what would happen to Santiago.

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